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Nikola Electric Ltd. is a London-based registered electrical company specializing in design, installation, testing, maintenance, and call-out. We have over 20 years of experience delivering great customer service to our esteemed clients in Islington and other parts of North London and beyond.

Hire Nikole Electric for your Electrical Services in Islington

When looking for an electrician in London to fix your power-related issues, it is important to look for one that possesses the skills, workforce, and experience to deliver a quality electrical job.

Nikola Electric has been in the business of delivering a variety of electrical-related services in different parts of London for over two decades. We are better placed to help solve your problem.

We handle the wiring of your new building or existing building, the installation of electrical components, the checking of existing installations and the EICR Reports.

Contact us today by calling 02080587913 or by sending an email to info@nikola-electric.co.uk. You can also visit our office at 102 Cityview Point. 139 Leven Road. E14 0LL. London.

Why Choose Us as Your Electrician in Islington?

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Excellent Service

We have a dedicated support team to respond to you whenever you need our services in Islington and other parts of London. We are available every day of the week, and we are always there whenever you need us. We are available at short notice, and we will work on our working schedule in a way that fits your availability.

Extremely professional and trusted local electricians

We have dedicated electricians that work round the clock to meet your need. Just tell us what you what from us and we will work it out for you.

Competitive Price

Our pricing remains one of the best in Islington compared to the quality of our service. Contact us today, and you will be glad that you did.

Commercial and Domestic Electrical Contractors.

We offer our services to both different industries. We serve both private workplaces like homes, warehouses, and offices and public ones like restaurants and shops. Irrespective of your business type, we can get you the testimonial of our clients who operate in a similar industry.

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Our company will generate a non-obligation quote for you when you request one.

The electrical work we do

Nikola Electric currently offers the following services to residents of Islington and other places in London:
electrician in Islington

Electrical Inspection and Testing

An electrical inspection is at the core of our job to ensure we get happy customers. Our electricians will help inspect your domestic and commercial settings. The essence of this is to detect any fault that may threaten your property and thus, ensure the safety of both people and property, and this is done at no hidden costs. We also offer electrical testing services to our customers. We help our clients test lights, sockets, wiring, smoke alarms, switches, and earth bonds. By regularly testing these components, we ensure the safety of your electrical installation and help you prolong their life for many years. Some of our testing and inspecting services include PAT testing, machine breakdowns, and 3-phase 400 Volt inspection. At Nikola Electric, we believe this is the surest way to guarantee the safety of people and property. By regularly testing your circuit and appliance, existing faults are discovered and repairs made before the problem becomes complicated.

electrician islington

Fault Finding and Repairs

We can also assist you in investigating faults in your installations and going ahead to repair them. The typical defects we find in homes include frequent short-circuiting, frequent light surges, doorbells not functioning, shocks on appliances due to improper earthing systems, and many other things involving electrics. These faults can be traced to faulty sockets, faulty outlets, and other similar defects that, if not rectified, can lead to faulty appliances and other complications. At Nikola Electric, we will carry out a proper investigation into the installations in your house, identify the root cause of the problem, and provide a permanent repair that will give you peace of mind.

electrician in islington

Electrical Installation Condition Report

This report shows the status of the electrical installations in a building. It was formerly known as the Periodic Inspections Report. It checks whether a building satisfactorily meets the condition to continue being used and recommends any renovation that needs to be done. During this report generation, our electrician in Islington will visit your property to carry out a detailed check of the property. This includes inspecting the internal components and testing them with an instrument. A report is then produced, showing whether or not the installation was satisfactory. If it is not, the report will outline what should be repaired before the building can pass the test.

electrician islington

Electrical Design

Our electrical contractors can also help you plan and design the electrical wiring of your new house. Our team of local electricians in Islington will help you develop the design for any building (residential, commercial, or industrial). We possess the skills, the workforce, and the experience to deliver great service in record time. No wonder we are highly recommended as the preferred commercial and domestic installer for such electrical jobs by many building contractors in Islington and other parts of London.

electrician in islington

Electrical installations

If you need the service of a local electrician in Islington to install anything for you, Nikola Electric is the place to call. We can help you with all your electrical repairs and installation, from lights, sockets, junction boxes, plug sockets, all power sockets, etc. Our team of professional electricians will work with you to ensure that they deliver a great service that will leave you happy and satisfied as we love great customer feedback. We also accept contracts from different companies where we assist them mainly to install and maintaining their appliances.

electrician in islington

Emergency Call Outs

Electrical faults can develop at any time of the day and you might need the service of an electrician to get the job done as soon as possible. At Nikole Electric, our team of emergency electricians in Islington will ensure your electrical faults are sorted out no matter what time of day they happen. We will get them resolved in the shortest possible time.

Frequently asked questions:

We have our electricians in different places in London, including Islington. Contact us and tell us your location and we will indeed send our electrician nearest to you.

You can hire an electrician for the following work in your building:

  • Repairing lighting.

  • Installing new lighting and light fittings.

  • Fitting Burglar alarm

  • Installing light switches, dimmer switches, and pull cords

  • Repairing lights and switches

  • Installing fire and smoke alarms

  • Repairing electric hobs and ovens.

  • Fixing electronic appliances.

  • Housing Wiring and Fault Finding

  • Fixing and installing extractor fans

  • Fixing and installing cooker hoods